CD: O schöne Nacht (2018)


Katharine is the soprano of Damask Vocal Quartet. O schöne Nacht is the quartet’s debut recording, released in November 2018 on Dutch label 7 Mountain Records, featuring quartets and piano pieces of Brahms and several of his lesser-known contemporaries: Herzogenberg, Kirchner, and Jenner. The pianist Flore Merlin plays a Streicher grand piano dating to 1868, extremely similar to the one Brahms himself played and composed on in the latter years of his life.

O schöne Nacht won France’s prestigious Choc de Classica award and universal acclaim in the press.

“Damask Vocal Quartet, a true ensemble and not just a gathering of four individuals … offers a remarkable fusion of timbres and palpable collaborative energy. We are seduced from the outset by these flexible voices.” — ON Magazine

Read more about Damask here, or read Katharine’s blog post about the process of making the album.